Saturday, December 1, 2007

Star Trek Museum

I wasn't at all surprised to find that Star Trek fans are well represented in Second Life. Now, I've always been more of a Star WARS fan myself, but I decided to venture over to the Star Trek Museum in Second Life this evening.

Much of the museum is made to look like parts of a starfleet ship. You can even sit in Picard's seat on the bridge.

Above you see Squonk Lockjaw taking in some Star Trek related videos in the museum's theater. This particular clip is a well-known internet mash-up where the crew of the Enterprise encounter Darth Vader. Squonk felt a little out of place as the guy sitting in front of him was dressed in a Starfleet uniform.

Another fun feature was the Holodeck. You can actually choose from several different Star Trek related environments. Here it is set for the deck of a Borg ship.

I am Squonk of Borg...Resistance is futile.

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