Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dance Like David Danced?

Tonight I arrived at Molaskey's (since that's the last place I visited) and, alas, there was no live music. But I got chatting with one of the folks who runs the place and they recomended checking out a place called Tableau. There wasn't anything going on there either, but it was a cool place to explore. Someone sure put a lot of work into the look of the place.

Then, after trying out some sky-diving (sorry no pics), I moved on to the beach at Eternal Creations. This is a Christian gathering place and tonight they were tearing up the dance floor. It kind of made me laugh thinking about all my friends who went to Wheaton College, where dancing was verboten. Wonder if they would've gotten away with it in Second Life? Of course, this was 15 years ago, I understand the dancing restriction has since been lifted.

Squonk just sat and watched for a bit...then he actually figured out how to join in the dancing. Too bad he couldn't figure out how to stop.

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