Monday, December 10, 2007

Squonk Lockjaw is a Party Animal!

Squonk's been making the rounds of several Second Life parties lately. The other night he dropped into Eternal Creations right in the middle of what appeared to be a costume party. Here you can see Batman and Pac-Man were tearing up the dance floor with the likes of Papa Smurf, Freakazoid and others.

This evening, Squonk was just exploring and happened upon a replica of the house from "Psycho." That was cool enough, but just down the road he found Brandi's Diner.

A Christmas party was just starting up. The DJ was decked out as Santa Claus spinning hits of the 50's and 60's, not to mention a bunch of holiday favorites too.

As you can see, Rudolph was a bit...well...different than I remember. Anyway, Brandi's Diner was a fun place. The 50's style look was very well done. Just down the road a SL version of Graceland is under construction. Squonk will have to check back when it is done.

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Yosafat Agus said...

Waw... need 5 years to find this picture? I was searching STAR TREK picture for my laptop's wallpaper, and found your blog here! Nice!

I've put this BATMAN picture for my 'Superhero Mania blog' articles.